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Most Helpful Tips & Tricks After a Water Damage 

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After your residential property experiences water damage, your next prompt action should be to minimize any further damage. When you are looking for some tips and tricks on how to successfully restore your living space after a water damage, then you came to the right place. The timely and safe steps that we have listed below can certainly assist you in your businesses or home’s water damage restoration procedure, so that it can be fully returned to its normal state before water damage has taken place. You should also bear in mind that any incorrect and improper action can only lead to very costly and time-consuming mistakes. Luckily, these tips are really helpful guidelines for your guidance and information. 

Water Damage 

Do’s to Observe During a Water Damage Restoration Process 

  • If the temperature outside is above sixty degrees, you can use dehumidifier if you have an available dehumidifier. 
  • Remove as much amount of water possible through blotting and mopping. 
  • Use fans in order to assist in drying as well as to circulate the air. 
  • Lift your draperies off your carpet flooring, loop through your carpet hanger, as well as place your hanger on your drapery rod.  
  • Wipe all your furniture dry. 
  • Remove wet area rugs as well as any other floor coverings. 
  • Prop up the wet cushions of your furniture for an even drying as well as place aluminum foil or even small wood blocks under furniture legs. 
  • Move photos, guns, art objects and paintings to a dry and safe location. 
  • Open closet doors, furniture drawers, as well as luggage in order to enhance the drying or to make sure that it will dry quickly so you can use it again for your clothes and other things. But, before placing your things back, make sure that it is thoroughly cleaned and it has been dried completely to avoid mold from building up. 
  • Remove any damp book from your shelves as well as spread them on the floor and let them dry. 
  • Remove wet fabrics and then dry them right away. Consider hanging leather and fur goods in order to separately dry at room temperature. 
  • If damage happens to occur during the winter season, consider leaving the heat on and if during summer, you can use an air conditioning unit if it is available. 

 Don’ts to Observe During a Water Damage Restoration Process 

  • Don’t use an ordinary vacuum in order to remove water. 
  • Don’t use any electrical appliance while on wet floors or wet carpet. 
  • Don’t go into any room in your home with standing water, most especially if the electricity is on. 
  • Don’t lift a carpet that is tacked down without any professional help from an expert carpet cleaning service provider. This is because lifting the carpet incorrectly can only create damage as well as promote shrinkage. 
  • Never forget to call in the professionals right after a water damage to make sure that you will receive an efficient and effective water damage restoration & mold removal in Mobile, AL. That way, you can rest easy knowing that your property is in good hands. 
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